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IHI America utilizes high-efficiency positive displacement screw compressor technology in its superchargers.  Screw compressors do internal compression, which results in high isentropic efficiency and lower parasitic losses than other technologies.  This type of supercharger is compact and since it is mechanically driven provides rapid boost response. Other positive displacement devices simply pump a volume and rely on external compression to generate boost requiring more power from the engine crankshaft.

Unique features of the screw compressor include:

  1. Higher cycle efficiency resulting in lower temperature rise of the boosted airflow.

  2. Lower input drive power for the same airflow and pressure ratio.

  3. High specific speed design provides higher airflow in a smaller more compact package.

  4. Your choice of various lubrication options including self-contained for life or externally fed oil.

  5. Multiple input drive options including damper pulley, one way drive or electromagnetic clutch.

  6. Stand alone or fully integrated packaging with your other engine components.

  7. Several potential mounting orientations and airflow connections.

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